Yoga is more than just exercise only. Whether you are interested in the physical challenges, the mental or spiritual aspects or maybe you need to learn how to relax and deal with stress better; I hope yoga will improve your life as it has mine!

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Yoga Retreats

Come join me on one of the yoga retreats around the world in the most beautiful places in South Africa, Europe & Bali on a yearly basis. The Retreats are all about CONNECTION; with yourself and others. The beautiful, remote venues with their homey vibe, the daily yoga classes and delicious food prepared by a private chef are unique, of very high quality and picked and prepared with love & care.

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Yoga Events & Workshops

Let’s meet, connect, get to know each other and other yogis. During the different type of events & workshops I host, you interact through yoga, discuss yoga and life related matter that will contribute to a conscious, healthy and connected lifestyle.

I am a strong believer in abundance and absolutely love collaborations. All projects I do are in collaboration with passioned, like-minded people and this is where I believe we really flourish!

My dharma project is to organize South Africa’s annual International Day of Yoga in Cape Town, where we bring all yogis and people that want to try yoga together to celebrate the gift of yoga and to raise money for EarthChild Project.

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Personal Training

Personal Training is the way to get your results and train safely. The personalized training sessions which focus on your body’s need, the flexible training-times and the constant personal motivation will help you reach your goals quick, while having fun.

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