Lauren Marshall – South Africa

“I love Joelle’s dynamic approach to wellness! I left each training session with a better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses and realized that it’s not just what you do, but how and why you do it. And, I’m still allowed to have a glass or two of wine!”

Darja O’Donnell – South Africa

“Always great to come to Joelle’s classes. If it’s Vinyasa Yoga or Yoga Sculpt, her classes are consistent and lots of fun with great music. I love how she encourages us in Yoga Sculpt and makes it enjoyable to be in pain :-)”

Adrianna Wilson – Belgium

“I first met Joëlle when I attended a body balance class of hers. I thought she had an amazing figure but mainly an overall appearance of health and fitness. I approached her and found out she was a personal trainer. I decided to start with some yoga and pilates and really enjoyed the one on one sessions. Joëlle is friendly, enthusiastic, and exudes a positive attitude to being fit and healthy. Sessions with Joëlle are more challenging and make me feel great. I would definitely recommend Joëlle as your personal trainer.”

Maybritt Kiel – Australia

“Joëlle is as a personal trainer not only highly qualified; she also knows how to look after your best interests and makes sure you get the most out of working –out with her. She tailors your workout fully to your needs and capabilities; you therefore get the best and highest outcome you would want from training with a personal trainer. Joëlle makes working out fun, never boring and her energy is definitely contagious!”

Laura Dixon – Belgium

“Joëlle has great enthusiasm for fitness & vitality. Her classes are always great fun at the same time as being hard work. She is super keen that everyone in the class has the correct technique & is working at a suitable level for themselves. She always manages to drag that little bit extra effort out of you, while keeping you smiling. And she never stops smiling! An enthusiastic, engaging instructor always makes classes & training much more fulfilling.”

Julie Verlinden – Belgium

“Few encounters in life really do make a difference. Meeting Joëlle really did, in my case. She showed me how sporty, strong and fit I really could be, if I would allow myself to enjoy this new, improved version of me. Without having to change who I really am, without having to follow ready made fitness routines, I felt like she and I were teaming up to transform me into the dynamic, fit person I had always dreamed to be. And will continue to be, because her approach was so right and personal, this is my new self, not someone else’s image of what I should be. Thank you Joëlle, you really do make a difference!”

Gert Hofman – Belgium

“Professional, efficient coaching and contagious enthusiasm kept me motivated until the last minute of every training session. With emphasis on executing all movements and exercises combined with the right techniques Joelle managed to coach me above my own standard level in just a few months. I am more than grateful for the quality time we spent together. “