Services I offer


Yoga is a very popular practice nowadays all around the world. I would love to introduce and/or guide you during one of my classes or in a private session.

All classes are all level classes, so whether you are new to yoga or not, feel free to check out my schedule.

Private Classes:
If you prefer to start your yoga practice with a private teacher, I can come to your home or I can arrange a space in town for us to practice.  Feel free to contact me.

I am here for you.

Yoga Retreats

The Yoga Retreats offered to you around the world connect people from different backgrounds, different countries and with different values, norms and habits.

They are all about connecting with each other and (re-)connecting with oneself through yoga, nutritious food, meditation, breathing exercises and insightful conversations.

~ As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination ~

Check out the fantastic yoga retreats I offer in South Africa, Bali and in Europe.

Yoga Events & Workshops

International day of Yoga is an extremely important dharma project for me. It started with an innocent idea during my teachers training with Radiantly Alive in Bali in 2016 and is has become a yearly massive celebration of yoga. For more information, click here

Yoga is the perfect way to start any special occasion. Whether you combine yoga with food, with another activity or simply choose the perfect location, it always a transforming and conscious way to spend time together with people you know or with like-minded people you do not know (yet).

The beauty of yoga is that the more you practice yoga, the more there is to learn. It is a journey of curiosity, fascination, exploration, discovery, observation and growth. I love breaking things down, sharing my experience and knowledge when facilitating Yoga Teachers Trainings and during Yoga Workshops I host.

I offer different types of Yoga Workshops, like a Foundation Workshops, an Inversion/Arm-Balance Workshop and many more at the different studios where I teach around the world. I can also facilitate these workshops on request for a group of people in their own space/garden.

So…what are you waiting for?

Personal Training

Wouldn’t you love to just spend a week or weekend focusing on you and you only?

– To wake up knowing you will start and end your day with a yoga practice in an amazing place with positive-minded inspiring people?
– To socialise, tan, go to the beach or to stay by yourself and relax during the day?
– To have divine healthy food (and a glass of wine for those who enjoy good wine)?

If that appeals to you, check out the fantastic yoga retreats I offer in South Africa, Bali and in Europe.