I love 8-angle pose / astavrakasana

Try the different steps of progression into this pose and see where you are at and where your #yogajourney can bring you today:
1a. Rock the baby (which is your leg) – great way to open your hips
1b. Rock the baby with your foot in the crease of your elbow – keep a long spine & lifted chest
2. Hook leg around your shoulder – like a bagpack 😜 – place hands shoulder-width and try to lift your body away from the floor
3a. Cross your feet
3b. Extend legs by squeezing your tights tight around your arm

Starting active on Monday

Set your week and healthy lifestyle by starting active on Monday:
This @triccle tribe video will hopefully motivate you to try these #functionalmovement #core exercises that work the whole body; 💪🏽
1. Walking elbow plank Right – 10 reps
2. Tread the needle Right – 10 reps
3. Sideplank hips lift Left – 10 reps
4. Mountainclimbers – 30 reps * Repeat on the other side
* Do 3 sets on each side
(In the beginning you can do them on your knees to built up strenght)
Outfit: @lornajanesa

Summer Six Pack


Sun Salutations


Cyclists Lunge


Epic Hip Stretches


Listen To Your Body